This is a list of all the books Charlotte has written. Each title is linked to its page on Amazon, where nearly all of them – sometimes new and sometimes used – can be obtained.

Title Publisher
Thunderboom!  Poems for Everyone Front Street – Boyds Mills
The Mousery

Christopher Award, 2000

Harcourt Brace
The Birthday Letters Greenwillow
You’re Not My Best Friend Any More

Junior Library Guild Selection, 1998

Dial Books
Mangaboom (story of a lady giant)

American Bookseller, Pick of the Lists, 1997

Here Comes Henny (children’s poem inspired by Belinda the hen in Finnegans Wake)

Reprinted in paperback by Mulberry Press in 1997

Halfway to Your House (book of poems) Greenwillow
The Outside Dog (an I Can Read Book)

Starred reviews in School Library Journal, ALA Booklist, Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, Kirkus Reviews, etc., 1993-94; listed in 100 best books, New York Public Library, 1993; HarperChildren’s Audio, 1993

Serena Katz (adventures of an elderly woman) Macmillan
Flap Your Wings and Try

Published in Japanese, 1991; published with audiotape by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993

The Chalk Doll

Top Ten Picture Books, 1989 Boston Globe; Parents Choice Award, 1990; ALA Booklist, 1989; Harper Trophy edition, 1993

J.B. Lippincott
Timothy Tall Feather (story of a grandpa who says he is a Native American) Greenwillow
How Many Trucks Can a Tow Truck Tow?

A Children’s Book of the Year, Library of Congress, 1991

Random House
One Duck, Another Duck (counting book)

Published by l’Ecole des Loisirs, France, 1985; UK publication, Julia MacRae, 1985; Picture Puffin, 1986

All Asleep (book of lullabies)

UK publication, Julia MacRae, 1984; Picture Puffin, 1986

The Half-Birthday Party

Junior Literary Guild Selection

Where’s the Bear? (story in seven words)

UK publication, Julia MacRae, 1984; l’Ecole des Loisirs, France, 1984; Picture Puffin, 1985; Picture Corgi, UK, 1987; paperback, Mulberry Books, 1991; Shuntaro Tanikawa, Japan, 1992

Whiff, Sniff, Nibble and Chew: The Gingerbread Boy Retold (in rhyme) Greenwillow

Junior Literary Guild Selection; Christopher Award, 1984

Buffy and Albert (book about cats and aging) Greenwillow
If I Had A Paka: Poems in Eleven Languages

Jane Addams Honor Award, 1983; reprinted, Mulberry Press, 1993

Noah’s and Namah’s Ark (Noah’s Ark retold) Holt
The Tamarindo Puppy and Other Poems (Spanish/English)

ALA Notable Book; paperback, Mulberry Press, 1993; Reading Rainbow Book, 1985

The Downtown Fairy Godmother

Reprinted, Ms. Magazine; Bantam-Skylark paperback, 1983

The Mango Tooth

Junior Literary Guild Selection

Detective Poufy’s First Case: or The Missing Battery-Operated Pepper Grinder

Bantam-Skylark paperback, 1983

The Ballad of the Long-Tailed Rat Macmillan
The Piggy in the Puddle

NYT Outstanding Picture Book of the Year; UK publication, Methuen, 1977; Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club; Aladdin Books paperback, 1989; Book of the Month Club Selection, 1990; reprinted in Ladybug, 1991; featured book Reading Rainbow, 1992; Kellogg’s bookmark (“cerealized” author), 1992; Trumpet Book Club, 1993

The Princess and the Admiral (adapted from a 13th Century Vietnamese folk tale)

Jane Addams Children’s Book Award, 1974; South Africa publication, Die Kinderpers in Afrikaans, 1978; reprinted in Ms. Magazine; Feminist Press paperback, 1992

Addison-Wesley / Young Scott
The Day They Parachuted Cats on Borneo (a drama of ecology in verse-play format)

One of ten IBBY books for International Year of the Child, 1978; Open Court Press anthology, 1994; reprinted in Books for Little Rebels, NYU Press.

Addison-Wesley / Young Scott
Why You Look Like You (Mendelian genetics) Young Scott
Ask the Windy Sea (life along the seashore) Young Scott
The Moon Pony (child’s dream) Young Scott
The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep William Morrow


Books for Adults

Special Editorial Assistant, Einstein on Peace, Otto Nathan and Heinz Norden (editors), Simon & Schuster, 1960.

Author and editor, A Quarter-Century of Un-Americana — Tragico-Comical Memorabilia of HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) 1938-1963, Marzani and Munsell, 1963.